We’ve selected some websites we hope you will find useful. Some are also on the reading list! Let us know if you think anything is missing by getting in touch.

  • ACORN – Community and tenants union based in the UK
  • Cooperation Jackson – Cooperative network based in Jackson, MS, USA. “Building a solidarity economy anchored by a network of cooperatives.”
  • ROAR Magazine – Independent coverage of current affairs from a radical, grassroots perspective
  • Institute for Social Ecology – For education and exploration of ideas around social ecology
  • Symbiosis – Confederation of community organisations based in North America
  • IESC – French Institute for Social Ecology and Communalism
  • Komun Academy – Platform for the Kurdish freedom movement’s theory, history and praxis to be read in translation
  • Plan C – Organisation for the development of social movements based in the UK
  • Cooperation Town – Network of food co-ops based in the UK