Local Groups

We currently have two Movement for a Democratic Society branches organising on the ground – in Cambridge and Norwich. You can find contact info and social media links for each group below! However, there is no need to be in one of these areas to get involved: please get in touch to find out how you can participate in our projects, or to talk about organising in your community. We have friends around the country and hope that this movement will continue to grow in pockets everywhere.


This group grew out of local people and students who had been long involved in activism and community organising in Cambridge and elsewhere. We have now been meeting for over a year, holding regular reading groups, communal meals, panel events and workshops, community listening evenings, and co-organising acts of solidarity and resistance with other campaign groups we share values with. We also have strong links with the local feminist anti-fascist and mutual aid efforts. Movement for a Democratic Society Cambridge post regular updates on our Facebook page (see below). Please come along to an event, or directly get in touch if you would like to get involved.

Email: mdscambridge@protonmail.com


Our Norwich group is made up of members that have a long history of organising in the city. Several members are involved in tenants and community rights work, ecological campaigning, and internationalist solidarity efforts, among many other things.

Having set up a Communalist library, trialled a communal garden project, and held numerous community study sessions and film screenings in Norwich, we’re excited about what we’re going to do next! If you would like to get involved with the group in Norwich or more learn more about our work, email us or follow our Facebook page.

Email: mdsnorwich@protonmail.com