Reading List

Debbie Bookchin. Radical Municipalism: the future we deserve (LINK)

Murray Bookchin. Libertarian Municipalism: A Politics of Direct Democracy (Chapter 5 in The Next Revolution) (LINK)

Debbie Bookchin, Sixtine van Outryve. The Confederation as the Commune of Communes (LINK)

Dilar Dirik. Building Democracy without the State (LINK)

Janet Biehl. Bookchin’s revolutionary programme (LINK)

The Political Thought of Adbullah Ocalan:

  • Democratic Confederalism (LINK)
  • Democratic Nation (LINK)
  • Liberating life: Woman’s Revolution (LINK)

Janet Biehl. The politics of social ecology: libertarian municipalism (LINK)

Murrary Bookchin. The Next Revolution (LINK)

Komun Academy. Radical Democracy in Practice (LINK)

Rojava (Syrian Kurdistan)

VIDEO: The Communes of Rojava: A Model in Societal Self-direction (LINK)

Lessons for the UK from Rojava (LINK)


French Municipalism, from Roundabouts to the commune of communes (LINK)

The Commune of communes in Commercy: French municipalist movements coming together (LINK)

Gilets Jaunes gather for third “Assembly of Assemblies” (LINK)

United Kingdom

Don’t depair, organize, an introduction to Cooperation Kentish Town (LINK)

ACORN Community Union (LINK)


How to Win back the City (practical guide to building municipal platforms) (LINK)

United States

Cooperation Jackson (LINK)

Reflections on Olympia Assembly: An Experiment in Popular Power (LINK)

Symbiosis: Federating Municipalist Movements in North America for Real Democracy (LINK)


The Mexican indigenous community that ran politicians out of town (LINK)

VIDEO: A Place Called Chiapas (LINK)

A Brief History of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation (LINK)

Zapatista Timeline (LINK)

For more great material, also check out: ROARMAG; Institute for Social Ecology; Symbiosis; French Institute for Social Ecology and Communalism; Komun Academy; and Plan C!